Yung Kee is still unbeatable for Roast meats

by Heidi Ng
Wander Woman

YUNG Kee in Hong Kong is considered a landmark in this city. It is world famous and a must go when people are in Hong Kong. Every time I am in Hong Kong especially with dad, he would make it a point that we have a meal here.

An aunt of my partner who lives in Hong Kong came to see us for lunch and we decided to have our meal in Yung Kee. Auntie brought us to the upper floors of Yung Kee because she said it was more private, more elegant and better service.

Upstairs, it is not as noisy as the ground street level and the ambience does give a more luxurious feel. The upper floor has more of the award winning dishes.

These award winning dishes are featured on more than 5 pages of the menu.

The restaurant has won food awards from prestigious bodies such as Chaine des Rotisseurs inFrance, International Gourmet Expo, Les Amis d’ Esfoffier, The Miele Guide, Michelin Guide, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Okinawa Food Festival, Hong Kong International Culinary Classic, to name a few.

The restaurant is owned by Mr Kam Shui Fai. As early as 1968, they were named by Fortune Magazine as the top 15 restaurants in the World and the only Chinese restaurant on the list.

This particular meal, we ordered the century egg, a rather common delicacy but takes a real expert to serve it without an aftertaste. We also had their special roast platter where their famous roast duck, white chicken and roast pork, take center stage. The sweet and salty spare ribs was so delicious, and so was the special garoupa dish with pea tips. Over all, it was an enjoyable lunch at one of Hong Kong’s institutions.

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