RIP Isabel Granada

By Heidi Ng
Wander Woman

WE REPORTED about actress, singer and sportswoman Isabel Granada last week. Sad to say she was not able to go through the operation that she was supposed to go through. She remained in coma and on Saturday, Novemeber 4, Philippines time, she passed away.

Isabel Granada is best remembered from her Milo endorsements, “That’s Entertainment”, and her “Pambansang lashes”, as she was one of the prettiest mestiza showbiz personalities.

Her ex-husband, Jericho Genaskey Aguas, has posted on instagram: “Malaki ang naging parte mo sa aking buhay. Binigyan mo ako ng isang gwapo’t matalinong anak, makulay ang 14 yrs nating pagsasama. Sa lahat .. mula sa aking kaluluwa.. maraming salamat .. pahinga ka na …paalam Isa.. mahal na mahal ka namin..

It is reported that Isabel died surrounded by her ex-husband, and current life partner Arnel Cowley. They would have wanted to get a second opinion on what to do with Isabel but then the fatal effects of aneurysm on her heart has taken her life.

Robin Padilla visited the actress but refused to be interviewed, which I admired. I know some people are just after the publicity but Binoe was there “para makiramay” and not for any publicity.

God Bless your soul Isabel. Prayers for you and the family you left behind.

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