One of my fave cuisines in the world

By Heidi Ng
Wander Woman

THERE is something about Thai food that I love. We were just talking about how Thai or even Chinese food are well known across cultures and countries but Filipino food still has a long way to go. Anywhere I am in the world, I gravitate towards this cuisine for its savoury taste and spicy kick.

In Vancouver, Canada, my favorite Thai restaurant is called Pink Elephant. Cute name. But seriously, Pink Elephant offers Thai food that is just so delicious.

I start off my meals there with an order of the Royal Thai drink- a drink made from Lychee liquer, coconut cream, ice, milk and real lychees. For appetizers, the Chili Basil wings which can only be found in Pink Elephant is a good dish to start off with as it tantalizes one’s taste buds for more flavorful dishes to come.

The somtum, also called a papaya salad is a refreshing salad to eat with its green papaya, mixed with tomatoes, some nuts in their special lime dressing mix. The restaurant does a mean version of the Tom Kah, a variation of the Tom Yung, but this time with coconut milk. The restaurant gives a choice of what meat to put on the soup-seafood, chicken, prawns or all vegetables.

For curry, I decided to try something different and chose ox tails triple A grade in the curry instead of the usual beef or chicken curry. Wow, that Matsaman dish simmered in rich coconut curry with onions, potatoes topped with cashew nuts was the bomb. The glass noodle dish was so appetizing and is best paired with seafood.

Another favorite dish of mine is the Pad Makuayaw which is fried Eggplant, Thai chili, fresh basil and bell pepper with ground chicken. I do not see this dish in other restaurants and especially not so much in Manila.

What is a meal without dessert? Pink Elephant has the mango sticky rice, but this time the rice is pandan flavored. There is also the other delicious dessert which is familiar to Filipinos, which is friend banana, but they serve this with Mango ice cream.

Oh Pink Elephant, why did you perfect Thai food so much? I am craving again just writing about this.

It is a good thing that the restaurant has two locations which are conveniently located in the city-one is in the Coal Harbour district behind the Shangrila Hotel Vancouver, and one is by Marine Gateway, the newest movie, shopping residential complex this side of the city. It is the perfect pre movie dinner place!

Address: 1152 Alberni Street, Vancouver
Telephone: (604) 646.8899

Marine Gateway
Address: 434 S.W. Marine Drive Vancouver
Telephone: (604) 428.8800

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  • Maymay

    parang ang sarap nyan

  • Tommy

    Urban Thai or salathai for me when I’m looking for Thai food in bc

  • Kelly ma

    Do they still have happy hour including lettuce wraps for $6?