Kimerald to do another Asian remake?

PEOPLE laughed, tickled, and fell in love with the tandem of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson in their recently ended local adaptation of Korean hit series “My Girl.”

Although the two had their final bow last month, the public is still craving for more Kimerald (term coined by fans from Kim and Gerald).

Will there be a part two for them?

Unconfirmed reports said that Kim and Gerald will again light up the small screen to do another popular Asian series, this time not from Korea but from Taiwan – “Hana Kimi.”

Hana Kimi, which is a Taiwanese remake from a Japanese manga, starred Taiwanese heartthrob Wu Chun (who played Bryan) and superstar Ella Chen (Joey). It ran on ABS-CBN from March to June 2008 and had turned to be a mania when Wu Chun and his co-star Calvin Chen visited the country.

Although ABS-CBN has no confirmation if this project would really push through, the Kimerald fans are keeping their fingers crossed and eagerly wait to see their most-loved tandem on the Primetime block the second time around. (more)

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