‘I’m Drunk, I Love You’: Not your typical Filipino romantic film

Jennie P. Arado
HOW many of us had been in an unrequited love – had feelings for someone who considers us a friend but we consider them more than that? We see them once a week for a bottle of beer or two, some pizza for dinner, or a few hours of joyride but we wish we are more than friends. However, as playful as fate may be, we end up just friends. The feelings remain one-sided. Unrequited.

This is exactly what Carson, played by Maja Salvador, must have felt in the movie “I’m Drunk, I Love You.” Her character is in love with her guy best friend, Dio, played by Paolo Avelino, for seven years. In the movie, Carson goes through a dual struggle of graduating from college and from her feelings for her friend. Read more…