When celebrities turn into fans


IF YOU’RE perpetually glued to your screen for hours on end or impatiently counting the days until you see Oppa (Korean for older bro or hottie) in the next episode, fear not! You are definitely not alone. As Anne Curtis hashtagged, #NilamonNgKDRAMA. Bes, we are multiplying like the Gremlins. Group hug!

With Anne gushing over the K-drama Goblin and its lead actor, Goong Yoo (also in Coffee Prince and the hit zombie movie, Train to Busan), in all her social media channels, along with Kuya Kim Atienza who even recently met the K-star at a fan-meet in Hongkong, it’s evident that majority of gals on this side of the globe have indeed been bitten by the K-drama bug.

Here are the most likely reasons why the girls in your life are hooked on viewing dubbed versions on free TV, or painstakingly reading subtitles, or even watching “raw” episodes (no translations) they can’t even understand: Read more …