Butterfly Dreams

By Heidi Ng
Wander Woman

I HAVE reached the age when I am officially “nesting.” I am more interested in getting things for the house, arranging my bookshelves making them worthy of pinterest, and collecting entertaining dishes, and placemats.

I have turned to one of those getting-home-from-a-home-store with a lamp in hand giving me the endorphin laced feeling of bliss. I look at my home furnishing and I cannot help but smile. In this nesting age I discovered Butterfly Dreams Luxury Bed Linens.

One half of the power duo is actually Filipino!

Butterfly Dreams Luxury Bed Linens was established in February 2007 by Tim & Edith McCosker, to revolutionize people’s concept of their ideal bed linen.

Their quest was to produce an exquisite and uniquely superior fabric for bed linens, with minimal impact on the environment; a durable fabric which would maintain its nice, new buttery-soft feel through years of use and laundering.

Their journey started when they went to a fabric market in China and found this thick microfiber fabric that they made into sheets.

This was the same material Edith used for upholstery when she was doing interior design projects in Manila.

She knew that it was washable but have not tried it in other applications.

So they used it, laundered it several times and noticed that they could not stop touching it because the fabric, even after several washes, still felt soft, buttery.

That is when they thought of sharing their great find to other people and decided to make a business out of this discovery.

Edith’s background in Interior Design certainly helped the business. She had her interior construction business in Manila up until she moved to Hong Kong in 2006.

She sort of just stumbled upon this linen business since 10 years ago there were limited choices available and those choices were either very expensive or cheap or not of good quality.

Also, that time, there were not many stores selling sheets online so they thought it was a great idea.

It took two years of research and trials to create a fabric that not only satisfied their criteria, but surpassed their expectations. Their fabric on 99% of field studies received glowing accolades, while all lab test results far exceeded the required standards.

It took them about 2 years to find a factory that would produce the fabric that they wanted.

It was not until December 2008 that they had their first batch of stocks. Initially sold online exclusively, the linens are now in stores in Hong Kong, British Columbia and Manila.

Now they have expanded their line.

They did a collaboration with a New York based celebrity Interior Designer, Tyler Wisler.

Mainly selling online on www.butterflydreams.co and a few other online shops here and there. In Manila, Butterfly Dreams can be purchased in MakeRoom BGC.

Butterfly Dreams’ bed linens signature fabric is hard to describe. It is like suede for the bed-sensuous, buttery, luxurious, opulent, lavish, rich, pampering, sumptuous, ritzy, super soft and luscious! It is the ultimate fabric for fitted sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers. You’ll wonder how you ever slept without it!

The microfiber bedlinen saves energy both by drying quickly and eliminating the need to iron, due to its high crease and crinkle resistant properties.

In pursuing their dream to revolutionize bed linen, this couple has perfected these beddings. The charitable couple is not just a partner in business but also helps less fortunate. They donate some of their profits to Savong’s school for children in rural Cambodia.

With everything they produce, their philosophy is simple: Luxury that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. So this is why I like Butterfly Dreams. That is luxury most can afford.

You can shop Butterfly Dreams linen and even decorative pillows at the site. I am currently eyeing the 4 piece classic set in Ivory and those oh so cute Fiori and Kantha pillows.

Use promo code “giftofsleep” to get an additional 20% discount in addition to free shipping at butterflydreams.com.hk.

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