Actress Isabel Granada in critical condition

Wander Woman

I WAS shocked to read my friend’s post on her Facebook account about the actress, singer, marketing director and tisay Philippine celebrity Isabel Granada. According to Bianca Lapus, former actress, now party and events proprietor, Isabel suffered an unexpected situation while in Doha, Qatar.

She was rushed to Hamad General Hospital as Isabel is in critical condition following an aneurysm. According to Medical News Today, aneurysm “is the enlargement of an artery caused by weakness in the arterial wall. Often there are no symptoms, but a ruptured aneurysm can lead to fatal complications.”

Most aneurysms do not show symptoms and are not dangerous. However, at their most severe stage, some can rupture, leading to life-threatening internal bleeding.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advise that aortic aneurysms contribute to over 25,000 deaths in the United States (US) each year. An estimated 40 percent of these cases cause death within 24 hours.

According to my latest chat with Bianca, Isabel is still in the Intensive Care Unit and is in a coma after suffering 6 cardiac arrests due to the aneurysm. Bianca is still waiting for updates as I write this. Isabel Granada is still in critical condition. That is why her showbiz friends are asking for prayers for the young actress and pilot.

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